Who is Sarah?
A progressive small business manager who works hard and gets involved in human and animal rights.  She comes from a middle class start and is middle class now, but underwent a period of struggle working her way through college and nearly becoming homeless.  She has worked any job she could to keep a roof over her head.

Why should you vote for her?
Washington’s 9th district deserves a representative who will fight for the social and economic change that they value so much, without losing touch with ordinary folks.

According to Sarah on Brand New Congress: “A congressperson represents their people—at least, they’re supposed to. Congress today works to protect the bottom line of powerful multinational corporations, not people like us. My circumstances, my sentiments and my values are shared all around me in the 9th District. I believe I am the person who can represent the loud, resistant, beacon of social change that is the 9th. I will fight for social and economic change against a system rigged for normal people like us to fail.”

Sarah’s most important priorities of the Brand New Congress Platform are:

  1. Invest in new industries with living wages
  2. Make education accessible with tuition free public college and trade school
  3. Fight for Medicare for All
  4. End the War on Drugs and the School to Prison pipeline
  5. Lead the Green Energy revolution