(This page is a work in progress.)

The platform of the Justice Democrats was deliberately created based on ideas and standards which polls show the majority of the American people are in favor of. This page shows a summary of the platform but will also include poll support numbers. I encourage you to read the complete version on the Justice Democrats webpage.

We support these positions not just because they are the most popular views held by Americans both left and right, but because they are also internally consistent, evidence-based, forward-thinking, and validate the Constitution of the United States.

  1. Pass a constitutional amendment to put an end to Washington corruption and bring about election reform.
    • About 78 percent of Americans are in favor of overturning Citizens United[1] and 76 percent of Americans are in favor of campaign finance reform.[2]
  2. Re-regulate Wall Street and hold white-collar criminals accountable.
    • About 82 percent of Americans are in favor of tougher regulation of Wall Street.[3]
  3. End billionaire and corporate tax dodging, fix the system to benefit middle-class and poor people
    • About 79 percent of Americans are in favor of ending corporate tax loopholes.[4]
  4. Defend free speech and expression.
    • Only 56 percent of American adults believe that free speech is secure.[5]
  5. Oppose bigotry.
    • Between November 9th and 14th, 2016 (just after the Presidential Election), there were 437 hate crimes reported by the Southern Law Poverty Center [6], whereas, between 2015-2016 hate groups have grown a great deal, such as the tripling of anti-Muslim hate groups from 34 to 101. [7]
  6. Make the minimum wage a living wage and tie it to inflation.
    • According to the Pew Research Center, 67% of working-poor folks (those making less than $30,000/year) want a $15/hour minimum wage. [8]
    • According to MIT, a living wage for a family depends on what county of what state you live in, in addition to how many adults are working and how many children, there are, in a particular household. [9]
      • In Contra Costa county, CA, for example, two adults (one working) with a child would need to earn $26.53/hour to support their family. [10]
  7. Ensure universal healthcare as a right.
    • Most developed nations have universal healthcare, yet the USA has, yet to join them. [11]
  8. Ensure universal education as a right.
    • The USA scores only average, compared to the world in education [12].
    • The USA is only 12th in the world for 4 year degrees, yet only half of the poorest 25% of Americans can afford to attend college, while 2/3 of college students graduate with debt [13].
  9. End unnecessary wars and nation building.
  10. End the failed war on drugs.
  11. Create the new new deal.
  12. Create the renewable energy revolution.
  13. Block bad trade deals like the TPP and oppose outsourcing that will further damage the middle-class.
  14. End constitutional overreaches.
  15. Ban arming human rights violators.
  16. Defend and protect women’s rights.
  17. Ensure paid vacation time, sick time, family leave, childcare.
  18. Protect Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  19. Implement comprehensive immigration reform.
  20. Enact police reform.
  21. Combat homelessness.
  22. Enact common-sense gun regulation.
  23. Abolish the death penalty.