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It takes someone incredible to stand up against someone as massively corrupt as Joe Manchin, but we have that champion in the form of Paula Jean. A coal-miner’s daughter, she understands the needs of Appalachia intimately and her focus is on jobs, education, and healthcare. Paula Jean is the perfect candidate for people who care more about actually empowering the lives of people over titles and party loyalty.

“What you ought to do is vote me out. Vote me out! I’m not changing. Find somebody else who can beat me and vote me out.” –Joe Manchin

“So my path to primary Joe Manchin is to fight back. Fight back for my community. Fight back for my neighbors, my family, my friends.” –Paula Swearengin

“I don’t care if the DNC backs me or not. This is a people-funded campaign. The DNC has failed us in many ways here in West Virginia. They failed us when they nominated one of the biggest-polluting coal barons in West Virginia: Governor Jim Justice, who mines three miles from my house and puts silica dust in my children’s lungs. That’s a failure of the Democratic Party. I hope we rise up and realize that, Democratic or Republican, we all have the same set of values.” -Paula Jean Swearengin

Like all Justice Democrats, Paula does not take corporate donations. Please visit her site to look at her platform and donate to her campaign.



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Paula giving a speech about the first-person consequences of the coal industry:

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