Who is Michael?
A progressive educator working at University of Miami in Florida who volunteers his time as a youth mentor, police accountability witness, and environmental advocate to his city council.  He comes from a Carribean immigrant family and experienced the loss of his father while only in 7th grade.  He grew up in Miami’s inner city.

Why should you vote for him?
South Florida’s underserved populations need a champion who will put their interests first.

Michael believes that “I will be a champion for public education, stand for fair and equal justice, and advocate for the expansion of Social Security, Medicare and comprehensive healthcare for all — since it should be a right not a privilege. South Florida desperately needs a 21st century economy, built on the foundation of a living wage, affordable housing, and financial investments in rebuilding our infrastructure and mass transit systems.”

Michael’s most important priorities of the Brand New Congress Platform are:

  1. Create pathways to success from Pre-K to debt free public higher education.
  2. Build a new frontier for creating new living wage jobs in South Florida.
  3. Provide healthcare for all: ZERO Copays, ZERO Deductible, vision coverage included.
  4. End mass incarceration and the school-to-prison pipeline.