Who is Anthony?
A veteran who is a progressive high school teacher, activist, and community volunteer leader in Oak Park, Illinois who volunteers his time with the Suburban Unity Alliance, which he founded to end discrimination and fund local initiatives.  He comes from a working class family and was born and raised in Oak Park.  He is not only the first in his family to go to college, but is more than halfway finished with a PhD in educational leadership.

Why should you vote for him?
Illinois’ 7th district needs someone who will put the needs of people before profits.

Anthony believes that “it’s time this country lives up to its promise of liberty and justice for all. Anthony is here to work with you in the fight for criminal justice reform, public education funding and responsible job creation.”

Anthony’s most important priorities of the Brand New Congress Platform are:

  1. Ensure divide between police and community ends by demilitarizing police.
  2. Combat job crisis by incentivizing local hiring and supporting small business.
  3. Ensure the public schools receive adequate funding.
  4. Fund vocational programs and technical schools.
  5. End the war on drugs and remove mandatory minimum sentences.