Who is Alexandria?
A progressive small business owner, activist, and community organizer.  She grew up working class and when her father died of cancer, took side jobs such as bartending and waitressing to help her family.  She is from and still lives in the Bronx.

Why should you vote for her?
New York’s 14th district deserves a hero who will fight for what is right for all Americans, not just the wealthy.

According to Brand New Congress, Alexandria believes that “New York’s 14th congressional district urgently needs access to more reliable jobs, increased access to family support services like parental leave and free childcare. I will fight for universal access to quality education from pre-K until college regardless of income and enrollment status because your ZIP code should never determine your quality of life.”

Alexandria’s most important priorities of the Brand New Congress Platform are:

  1. Ensure universal access to quality education regardless of income.
  2. Make early childhood education available to all children during critical years of learning.
  3. Reform our broken criminal justice system.
  4. Invest in our healthcare system.
  5. Create clean energy jobs.

Jimmy Dore Show interview with Alexandria