I would like to thank and congratulate Hawaiʻi Representative Tulsi Gabbard (D, HI 2nd District) for her decision today to refuse PAC campaign donations. I have supported the ambitious Gabbard for some time, mainly because of her refusal to blindly accept trends. Here is the email she sent out on May-5, 2017 announcing her decision:

From the day I was elected to Congress, I promised myself I’d never allow money to influence the decisions I make on behalf of the people who elected me to serve them. Furthermore, I’ve refused to accept contributions from industries like Wall Street banks, Big Pharma, Tobacco, Liquor, and, more recently, Defense.

However, from here on out, I’ve made the decision not to accept money from any political action committees.

Here’s the bottom line: we cannot allow the future of our nation and our politics to be driven and shaped by special interests. Citizens United has exposed a major problem for the future of our country—there is far too much dark money influencing our politics. Our policies and our future must be driven by you… and your interests.

I believe in the power of the people and our ability to take action toward a brighter future. When we are informed, involved, and working together toward a common goal, we are more powerful than any special interest group. This is why we need to get corporate money and lobbyists out of politics and elevate the voices of the people of our country.

Obviously, not all PACs or lobbyists have nefarious purposes. I’ve appreciated the support I’ve received from organizations and PACs doing important work on behalf of women, our environment, labor, veterans, civil rights, and many more. My decision is not a reflection on those who are doing important work. It’s simply a positive action that I can take to highlight and empower what’s most important: YOU.

As always, mahalo for your support and allowing me the privilege of serving you.


I encourage you–and particularly those of you who are her constituents–to reach out to Tulsi thanking her for her decision. Contact details are here: https://gabbard.house.gov/contact/offices. Also remember that until we have campaign finance reform, a lack of corporate donations means a higher reliance on her constituents for donations, so please consider helping her campaign financially as well so she can be accountable to you and not corporations.

Finally, let’s request that Tulsi take the next step which Ro Khanna has recently taken, and that is to adopt the title of Justice Democrat. Tulsi’s career has shown she’s already there, let’s kindly encourage her to use the title!


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