South Carolina politicians are working to pass a law to continue to literally spray pig shit on its mostly poor Black residents.

It’s an extreme example of the same old story. Politicians bought and paid for by the pig shit lobby–yes, Big Pig Shit exists–have figured out that the cheapest way to dispose of pig shit is by spraying it on their constituants. Of course the externalities of this are all budened upon the people the shit is being sprayed on instead of the corporations shitting on North Carolina. And the instead of fighting this, the government, owned by these corporations, does what it does best: it passed a law that doesn’t just allow this to continue but prevents the victims from receiving their just compensation.

Please watch the Democracy Now video or read its transcript to learn specifics about this insane situation.

It would, of course, be irresponsible for you to spray the politicians supporting this with pig shit, but there are responsible ways of fighting this such as ruining the political careers of everyone who supports this pig shit policy. Adding this to bill sponsor Jimmy Dixon’s Wikipedia entry may be a good start as well as making videos educating people of his record. And I, for one, am going to do something I really don’t want to: I need to put my money where my mouth is so I’m going to stop eating anything but locally sourced pork which hasn’t had its shit sprayed on people.


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