With the defeat of Trumpcare, his Orangeness’ new plan is to do whatever he can to help our healthcare system destroy itself so that people come begging to him for help. As we’ve already seen, insurance companies are more than happy to use coverage in the ACA as bargaining chips. This is possible because the biggest flaw of the ACA is its reliance on insurance companies.

Trump has stated that he wants to see the ACA both implode and explode, and while we have dodged a major bullet and tens of thousands of Americans who might have died under the new system are absolutely better off, we’re not out of the woods yet. But unlike the corporate democrats, the Justice Democrats aren’t about treading water, we’re about moving forward.

As anyone who’s ever argued with their insurance company to get the medical care your doctor has prescribed, insurance companies are a barrier to your health. They exist solely to drain you of as much money as possible and give you as little treatment as they can get away with. And we don’t need them. A single payer system such as the Medicare system we already have is exactly what we need to join the rest of the developed world and actually treat our sick, our pregnant, and our mentally ill citizens. The majority of Americans agree.

So what can we do? Bernie, as always, has our back. He and several other political leaders are pushing forward a bill, HR-676, known as the Medicare For All Bill. As single payer was something even Donald Trump supported in the campaign, let’s use this opportunity to push forward real progress. To make this a reality, please do the following:

Step 1: Sign the Petition

Okay, I know, we have concerns over the effectiveness of petitions, and in an alt-truth system it’s easy for our rivals to ignore them. But they’re not for our rivals, they’re for the people on the edge. While most of our leaders pay the most attention to the corporations bribing them, they still need us to get elected. Principled politicians can use petition numbers to show strength, and the rest of them will switch to pretend they supported us all along when they see just how strong our numbers are.

So go to http://justicedemocrats.com/singlepayer and sign our petition. It takes seconds and makes a big difference.

Step 2: Share the Petition Link

Easiest thing in the world, just share the link on social media and tell everyone why it’s important. Link to this article if it helps, just help people understand why this is important.

Step 3: Call Your Representative

We have heard time and again that emails are pretty much ignored, but our representatives do actually listen to the messages their constituents leave them. They don’t listen nearly as much as they do to their bribe-paying lobbiest friends, but at the end of the day, they still need you to elect them.

If you’ve never called before, I recommend writing down a simple script. State your name and the fact that you’re their constituent. If you voted for them in the past, mention it. Tell them that you are calling for their support of HR-676, the Medicare For All Bill. If your Congressperson is a Republican, maybe look up some quotes from Trump’s campaign about how much he was in favor of single payer then. You might also use words such as “Obama’s failure to enact the will of the American people” to show them that they could rub it in his face a bit if they can do what he never. If it’s a Democratic representative, you can tell them that this will be a major factor if you support them in their next election or actively participate in the campaign against them. Carrot and stick.

Don’t know who your representative is? Find out here.

Step 4: Tell All Your Friends What A Patriot You Are

Once you’ve completed the first three steps, brag a little about how easy it was and let everyone know that you did your part and encourage them to do theirs. When a family member complains about their medical bill being too high, give them the petition link and tell them that if we succeed, such bills will be a thing of the past.


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