I just read something which blows my mind: about 47 percent of the city of Detroit is illiterate. Detroit is a city in America, you know: the richest country which has ever lived.¬†Somehow we can afford to grow military spending but we can’t provide a reasonable education to this quintessential American city. We can provide weapons to Saudi Arabia and Israel but we can’t provide basic job skills. Jesus Christ.

Please read the report as it does have some suggestions, but in a week where an American-lead strike force has bombed yet another¬†school, Trump’s campaign manager is revealed to be a Russian agent, the Democrats fail to mount any reasonable defense against a right-wing lunatic for the supreme court, and a terrorist attack in London…this might be the story which infuriates me the most.

Democrats: offer these people real solutions and you’ll have most of their votes. I can’t speak for other Justice Democrats, just myself, but I can’t fucking ignore this. I don’t know what I am able to do, but people of Detroit, I will not abandon you.


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