Amy Goodman’s interview with Jane Mayer is really important to listen to. It pulls the curtain back and shows us a peek at the puppet master pulling Trump’s strings. I doubt the orange menace even knows he’s being manipulated so much.

They did not discuss it in this interview, but listening to this, it made me really think about the issue of sociopaths and pyschopaths. It’s very likely the Mercers fit that category. I am not aware of a single culture–save that of CEOs and political-class elites–which seems to recognize the existence of sociopaths but since so many of the movers and shakers of this planet are in that category, it is important for us to understand them and their motivations. A great book to read on this subject is The Sociopath Next Door. In my interpretation, this explains a lot about the cavalier attitude many of the these “leaders” have regarding climate change, wars, genocide, health care, and the refugee crisis.

So with that in mind, please listen to the interview and consider getting Mayer’s book and please watch the Democracy Now! interview ASAP:


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